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A digital product development company.

We build digital products, form product partnerships and invest in great companies.

the way
we work


We help you turn concepts into reliable products, with a tangible strategy and amazing user experience. We start by exploring the breadth of the problem you're trying to solve before diving deep.


We build products with an understanding that the beauty of a thing isn't just what an end user sees, but also how the product looks under the hood. Our engineering team works to create optimal and scalable products.

Measure & Repeat

Pushing a product to market isn't enough to make an impact. We're continuously checking our success metrics and optimizing every assumption based on real-time market data. We design, build and test in a way that allows us to repeat until we get it right.

Product Partner

We are focused on creating strategic partnerships with companies that share similar values and work in an environment of openness and trust. We form product partnerships and invest in great ideas and companies.

and service

We are a technology and service company. We help businesses design, engineer and create products and platforms that empower their customers by optimising their relationships with each other, their employees, and the world.


Alpine.js and Livewire
Vue.js and Inertia.js
Ionic Framework
Tailwind CSS


Software Development
Software Architecture
Software Consulting

Advanced web applications
Hybrid mobile applications
API's and SaaS
CMS and ERP integrations

from design
to products

In the course of the past 15 years, Foxship Technologies developed from a design studio to a digital product development company. The company was founded in 2008 by Martin Mildner and is based in Vienna, Austria.

We help our customers at all stages of their product development lifecycle. We do this by facilitating and leading early product ideation and validation through to product delivery and ongoing development.

  • 4mation Event- und Security GmbH
  • Amiga Telecom GmbH
  • Agentur Dohr
  • Arthur Murray
  • Austrotransplant Congress
  • Auto Stahl Wien
  • Bio Energy Holding AG
  • caffe DELIA`S
  • CAT City Airport Train
  • cbased Community Based Innovations
  • Corag Real Estate Holding
  • Derenko GmbH
  • Erba GmbH
  • Erste Bank Arena
  • Elsinger Electronik GmbH
  • Exclusive Limousine Management
  • Franz Felber & Co. GmbH
  • Figlmüller GmbH
  • Fitfabrik Fitness Betriebs GmbH
  • Future Energy Saving GmbH
  • F&C Consulting GmbH
  • Das Österreichische Gallup-Institut
  • Golfclub Haugschlag
  • Greimel Management Entwicklung
  • Haber Yachts
  • Heart of Golf
  • Hotel Markus Sittikus ****
  • JAF International Services
  • Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit
  • Kinderkrebshilfe
  • LakeSide
  • Magna Racino
  • MedCenter
  • MAM Health & Innovation Gmbh
  • Nikola Fechter
  • Oracle
  • Österreichischer Skiverband
  • Österreichischer Hockeyverband
  • Postsportverein Wien
  • Privatklinik Währing
  • Procon Unternehmensberatung
  • Q3 Architektur
  • RailNet Europe
  • RES Touristik GmbH
  • Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierung
  • Sakoyah Beteiligungsverwaltung
  • Sans Souci Wealth Management
  • Schwandl Autohandelsges.m.b.H.
  • Semperit AG Holding
  • Sports Medical Center
  • Topconsult Steuerberatungs GmbH
  • Vienna Capitals
  • Vienna International Medical Clinic
  • World Congress on Men's Health
  • Weinbau Wagner
  • Wohnkultur Weszits
  • Worseg Clinics
  • Worseg Vision Academy
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