A Product Development Company.

We form product partnerships and
invest in great companies.

Software and Hardware

Product development

We start by exploring the breadth of the problem you're trying to solve before diving deep.

We build products with an understanding that the beauty of a thing isn't just what an end user sees, but also how the product looks under the hood.

Measure and Repeat

Pushing a product to market isn't enough to make an impact. We're continuously checking our success metrics and optimizing every assumption based on real-time market data.

We design, build and test in a way that allows us to repeat until we get it right.

Product partners

We are focused on creating strategic partnerships with companies that share similar values and work in an environment of openness and trust.

We form product partnerships and invest in great ideas and companies.

in-house products

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Foxship Technologies GmbH
Vienna, Austria



4mation Event- und Security GmbH
Albert Schultz Eishalle
Amiga Telecom GmbH
Arthur Murray
Austrotransplant Congress
Bio Energy Holding AG
caffe DELIA`S
CAT City Airport Train
cbased Community Based Innovation Systems
Derenko GmbH
Erba GmbH

Exclusive Limousine Management
Franz Felber & Co. GmbH
Figlmüller GmbH
Fitfabrik Fitness Betriebs GmbH
Future Energy Saving GmbH
F&C Consulting GmbH
Haber Yachts
Hotel Markus Sittikus ****
Karmasin Motivforschung GmbH
Kuratorium für Verkehrssicherheit
Magna Racino
Nikola Fechter

Österreichischer Skiverband
Postsportverein Wien
Q3 Architektur
RailNet Europe
Semperit AG Holding
Vienna Capitals
Vienna International Medical Clinic
WCMH - World Congress on Men's Health
Worseg Clinics
Worseg Vision Academy